One Last Visit


When a patient is in critical need of Eastern Maine Medical Center’s services, their health and wellbeing is our number one focus. Yet, the world outside our hospital’s walls keeps turning, and our patients are sometimes faced with the reality of missing major life events during their stay. Births, marriages, and sadly, the final moments of a loved one’s life are just a few of the occasions we try to help our patients navigate during the times they are with us.
Greg Harvey, RN, a staff nurse on Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Coronary Care Unit, was caring for a patient when that patient’s family received an unfortunate phone call. The patient’s husband had been admitted to an emergency department 45 minutes from Eastern Maine Medical Center, and his providers did not think he would make it much longer. Greg knew how helpless the patient was feeling in that moment and how important it was for her to see her husband one last time.
Greg connected with the patient’s care provider to determine if she was stable enough to receive a therapeutic pass to visit her husband. The physician agreed that the patient could go, and Greg continued to work with a social worker in the CCU and the staff at the other hospital to arrange her visit.
She arrived to visit her husband, who was clearly overwhelmed with joy he was able to spend a little more time with her. After the visit, the CCU patient was brought back to Eastern Maine Medical Center, where she was transferred to Cardiac Telemetry. Her husband, sadly, passed away that night, but because of Greg’s efforts, they were able to say one final goodbye.
For ensuring this patient was able to see her husband one last time, Greg has earned a Splash, Eastern Maine Medical Center’s highest honor.