nurse externship
To qualify for participation, nursing students must meet these criteria:
  • Successful completion of junior year of an accredited BSN program
  • Must be in strong academic standing and not on academic probation
  • Successful completion of 180 hours of nursing content, 70 hours clinical, 20 hours lab, and 90 hours classroom or 110 hours of combined classroom and lab
  • Must be active in the State of Maine CNA registry
  • Current American Heart Association BLS certification
When applying, nursing students will be asked to provide:
  • Two academic references from nursing faculty (one reference must be from a clinical instructor)
  • Minimum of one employer reference
  • Current resume
  • A letter of interest to include an introduction, statement of student objectives, a description of what professional nursing means to you, and a description of clinical/care giving experience and any other relevant degrees or employment
  • Choose one question below to answer:
    • Describe your first hands-on clinical experience in nursing school. What fears did you have? What surprised you the most? What were you most proud of?
    • Describe the last time you made a mistake or experienced failure. What did you learn and what steps have you taken to ensure it won't happen again?
Contact us to find out more about how to apply.